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Ceremony information

With your festival ticket you can camp for free during the period of the festival. 
You will need to bring your own tents. There are limited spaces for campervans - please send us a message if you are planning on coming in one.

Opening hours
The sonic ceremony will begin at 20:00 and access to the grounds is from 17:00. End of the ceremony is Sunday at 19:00. If can stay the night until Monday if needed.

Getting there

We suggest taking public transport which is very easy from Barcelona. Take the R6 from Plaça d'Espanya to Vallbona d’Anoia and then a walk to Cala Fou.

There are available parking spaces close to the location, so coming by car is a possibility. We would suggest carpooling to help minimise environmental impact. You can use Blablacar to coordinate carpooling.

Music hours
Friday: 20:00 - 04:00
Saturday: 11:00 - 04:00
Sunday: 11:00 - 19:00

For the bar, we are collaborating with our friends from Buena Onda Social Club, who will be taking over the drinks for the ceremony. Additionally, Cala Fou, has its own brewery subversiva - a craft beer cooperative of libertarian social movements, who will provide us with beers. In support of the community, it is therefore prohibited to bring any outside alcoholic drinks to the ceremony.


On Friday and Saturday, the Cala Fou kitchen will be cooking some delicious meals for us and on Sunday you can look forward to some Levante cuisine. 

Drinking water

There will be free drinking water at the bar but we will also be selling water canisters at a reduced price to bring to your tent.


You will be able to pay at the bar in cash or card. For the food you may also pay with Bizum.


Day tickets

If you have purchased a day ticket, you can come from 10:30am on the respective day and stay until the last act. Please keep in mind to check for the last train if not coming by car. If needed, you can stay the night.


Catalonia has been hit by a severe drought and any grassy area can easily catch fire. Please make sure your cigarette butts are always extinguished and never throw them on the floor. You will receive portable ashtrays when you arrive, that we urge you to use. Fire is strictly prohibited, as well as anything that carries a fire risk such as camping cookers.

Community & respect
The sonic ceremony is a community gathering in an intimate setting over the course of a weekend. It goes without saying that we expect everyone to treat each other and their surroundings with respect. We are temporary guests of Cala Fou, which houses its own residents, some with families. Please keep to the areas that we are allowed to use for the ceremony. We also kindly ask you not to play any loud music at night when the stage is closed, so that everyone can rest.

No form of hate speech, violence, or any forms of harassment will be tolerated. 
Please let a member of the team know if you have any issues.

Outdoor showers are available.

We will provide you with a bin bag upon arrival. Please use it to store your waste and bring it to the designated area upon leaving the ceremony.

Medical emergencies

Zilzal takes no responsibility for any injuries or illnesses sustained during the ceremony on the premises. First aid kits are available. 

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